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So the other day I was alerted to a situation happening on twitter.

Someone had tweeted, after the maths GCSE exam that my friends and I, as well as 16 year olds across the country had taken, that

“if i was a girl, i’d come out of that exam crying”.

To which my friends (a group of girls) all immediately jumped on, saying things like “I’d cry if I had to share a gender with you” and “boys can cry too” to which the boy replied with counter arguments such as “i’d rather eat shit than be a feminist” and other grammatically incorrect statements.

I’d never thought of myself as a feminist until now. Because this boy said something extraordinary:

“Women are already equal”

Now it astounded me that someone male could even begin to say whether or not women were equal or not, almost like a king perched high on his throne, enjoying his privilege, saying that the peasants holding onto morsels of food in the dirt down below have it good, and are healthy. You can’t begin to decide whether people are okay without having experienced how they live and it’s even more appalling when the people saying you are equal are the ones who caused the gap in the first place.

Feminism is based on EQUALITY. It’s not women trying to be better than men. It’s women trying to become equal. Trying to make this a level playing field. But some men seem to feel threatened by feminists, and seem to think that their spot is going to be taken and prevent women from even getting near to them. At the moment we’re not even equal, let alone higher. Women don’t get paid as much and have to pay more for the same everyday items as men, when targeted towards a female audience.

But we’re getting there. In the UK, the chief of police is a woman, the head of the fire department is a woman and the prime minister is a woman, and there are many female MP’s. Are they just as respected as their male counterparts? Mostly. Get paid as much? I jolly well hope so. Are they just as talented? If not more. What needs to happen is that children need to be aware that the geniuses that came before them were not just men. We hear too much of the all male presidential history and the heavily male dominated STEM subjects and children just don’t hear about the females behind it all. For every Charles Babbage, there is an Ada Lovelace. Young girls need strong females to look up to. Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Joan of Arc, Boudicca, to name but a few…they are all women who need to be taught about more.

I am so proud to be female. There’s a bond that women share that is so special but so universal…it cannot be put into words. It’s the feeling you get when another woman walks into a room of men. It’s the safety when the strange man sitting next to you on the train gets up, and a woman sits in his place. It’s the joy you feel when you see a woman nursing a baby and the shared feeling of needing to help when you hear a baby cry. Girls can be bitchy and we have our fights but our friendships are so strong, you know you can count on each other to have a spare pad or some paracetamol. You know you can count on your friends to have your back in a fight and you know you can count on each other when a boy on twitter needs to be roasted (hahaha).

So are feminists annoying? We get our point across. And I am proud to be one.

Extra: I am thrilled at the new Wonder Woman film; a strong female actress playing a strong female superhero. Brilliant.





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